The story of Beth and the three kids  

The story of Beth and the three kids  

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I’m Jane and I have a best friend whose name is Beth. We are so close that we do everything together, from taking the same classes to studying together to eating together and to even travel from the same bus.

The story of Beth and the three kids  

She was a bright student who used to get more than 90% marks in every test. However, in one of the exams recently, she wasn’t able to perform well and got 45% marks. Understandably, her family was upset and Beth was upset even more. She went home early that day and didn’t answer even one of my calls.

The next day, when we were coming by bus, she was standing at her stop, she boarded the bus, and sat next to me without uttering a word. I tried to get her to talk but the replies were subdued. So, I thought of cracking a joke to make her laugh.

To get her to laugh, I asked her a very important scientific question – “There are three kids Roy, Jason, and Ethan. Why did they cross the road?”

At first, she didn’t show interest but after much persuasion, she started guessing the possibilities. She came up with all possible hypotheses like – their mother was waiting on the other side, they were going somewhere and what not.

She finally gave up and asked me for the answer.

I took a short pause and gave her the answer that “They are little kids… how will I know what is going on in their head and why they wanted to cross the road”?

Listening to this, she burst out laughing and forgot all about her bad marks. She later thanked me for making her laugh and helping her feel better.

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