The -T.B.H- 3 most essential plate loaded gym equipment!

After a lot of discussions with fitness trainers of various age groups, Gym Warehouse has narrowed down the 3 most essential plate loaded equipment, for working out your whole body in a minimalist setup.

We are concentrating on the legs, which stabilize your core.

The back, which strengthens your body shape.

And of course the arms, as they are one of the main areas of interest among fitness enthusiasts.

So, here's our short list of :-

T.B.H- 3 most essential plate loaded gym equipment:

We are calling this list T.B.H (To Be Honest), as 'to be very honest' they really do work out your whole body!

You can rely on these three for a complete weight training session.

T.B.H is made up of the first letters of these 3 machines' names!

1. T-Bar Row:

You should be already dropping some sweat on this plate loaded Gym equipment!

Name one muscle of your body that this machine doesn't work out!

It gives you sufficient exertion on the biceps, hamstrings, back, your shoulders, and even the chest!If that isn't what you call a full body workout, then probably nothing else is!

This equipment can work wonders, if you can regularly insert a few reps of it into your workout sessions.

However, if you are lacking a T-Bar; then till you buy one, you can get the 'near about same' effects using an olympic barbell.

Our Gymwarehouse inventory has an excellent Plate loaded T Bar Row, at a very reasonable price. We deliver gym machines, in bulk orders, to schools and universities. So, we keep an average student's budget in mind, for pricing our products.

You will definitely get the best price, in the market, from us!

2. Bicep Curl:

When doing biceps, your focus and pressure should be centralized on the arms only.

But how to get such huge amount of dedicated exertion solely on the arms? Well, the bicep curl machine is your solution!!

In this machine, you get an armrest, while you are in either a straight or reclined position. Therefore, you can exert pressure on the arms, as you pull up the weight plates attached to the machine, using a convenient handle.

Most of the bicep curl machines have weight plates attached to one side! That's what a traditional curl machine looks like!

But at Gym Warehouse, we are hosting our modern premium curl machine, that has adjustable positions with systematic weight distribution on both the sides. So you are getting the flexibility to spread the chest, as you work the biceps.

This premium level plate loaded gym equipment, is currently offered on discount. Have a look at it, after you have gone through the 3rd and final most intense gym equipment in this list!

3. Hack Squats:

Why are squats so important?

Because they are! No other exercise can strengthen your core like a squat!

The hack squat takes the intensity to a higher pitch than a normal weight squat. The constant springing motion of hack squats, makes them incomparable to any other weight training exercise.

Your back body takes the main tension; as you lift the weight up, and then back down. Your front body feels the squeeze, and burns out the fat from abs and thighs! It also tightens up the chest.

The hack squat machine, from our Gym ware house, is made for low maintenance heavy duty extended usage.

Order it soon, as stocks are clearing out fast!

No jokes!

This power machine is a hot cake!

That was your 3 most essential plate loaded gym equipment for weight and strength training, to be honest!

Gear up your sessions by including all these 3 machines, and you will surely see the synergistic result!

Stay fit and fine!


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