The Water Bottle That Makes You Go 'DUH!'

The Water Bottle That Makes You Go 'DUH!'

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When a group of ex-Apple engineers get together, they create a whole new waterbottle that solves the commonest of water bottle problems.

The Square by Clean Bottle unscrews from the bottom, making cleaning easier than ever. 

The steel body and BPAfree cap presents a sleek and stylish exterior, while its simple function of being accessible from both ends makes moldy and mildewy water bottles a thing of the past.

According to the Square's website, founder Dave Mayer came up with the idea for the Clean Bottle after heading out for a bike ride and finding a disgusting, moldy, science experiment at the bottom of his water bottle. 

169There must be a better way to clean the bottom of my water bottle

 It took 2 years, 3 factories, and 54 prototypes to get the bottle right,

Square also comes in a BPA-free plastic body.

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