The world indeed is a small place

The world indeed is a small place

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The world indeed is a small place

I am Monique, a 23-year-old traveler who just loves traveling. I enjoy traveling because I can meet new people, make new friends, get to know more about the culture and history of places, and a lot more.

I had been to Switzerland in January because I love winters and I wanted to enjoy the cold, wintry weather at least once. There I had met a stranger who was really handsome, charming, and knew his way around. He was really good to talk to and we connected very well. We went on a few dates before I gave him my number on the day I was heading back home.

The world indeed is a small place

I waited quite a while but he never called. I kept telling myself that “everything happens for a reason” but somewhere deep in my heart, I knew he will call me someday… it was in our destiny to be together.

A whole month passed but he didn’t call. To relieve some of my stress and hang out with my friends, I decided to visit Bali as it was the best time to visit that place. And whom I bumped into there?

Yes, it was the man I had been thinking about since last month. At first, I didn’t want to approach him but he saw me and immediately rushed over to me. He told me how he had lost his mobile when heading back home and that he was thinking about me the same way.

We exchanged numbers again and have been together ever since. We have even decided on a world tour together and planning on marriage the next year.

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