The Worst Political Leaders of the World

There are certain leaders in the world who were leaders with complete lack of leadership values and mismanagement. They influence the followers when they cannot conform to the teamwork doing an irreversible injustice. I have read a lot about the l best leaders in the world but nobody throws light over the worst. So I thought of highlighting the worst leaders of the world:

  • Thabo Mbeki:
    He is a former president of South Africa. He tried to do something for the security of South Africa but due to his mismanagement, it led to his downfall. He spent millions of money by the Tax payers to buy advanced weapons which never came into use by the Army of Africa.
  • Robert Mugabe:
    Mugabe has been the longest president of Zimbabwe but due to his extreme mismanagement there was currency imbalance and the value of the Zim dollar decreased.
  • Jacob Zuma:
    He was also known as the sex god. He was a leader who used to sing songs of murder of a particular race. He maybe a leader but wasn’t followed by sane minded people.
  • Mohammed Al Gaddafi:
    He is known as the most egoistic leader of the times who used to represent himself but not the country. He was a dictator for more than 40 years.
  • Bashar Al Assad:
    His alternative name was donkey. As you must have understood that nobody would be on this list without doing any notorious thing during their leadership and he was one of them. He used to crush the protests rather than tolerating it.