These are the questions I need HBO's 'The Night Of' to answer.

These are the questions I need HBO's 'The Night Of' to answer.

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Imagine you meet someone of the opposite sex by chance, have a alcohol and drug induced bender, pass out…and wake up the next morning to find them brutally murdered in their bed. Did you do it? Besides obvious panic, what you do in those next few moments could mean life of death. And by death, I mean prison. Same thing, right?


HBO’s “The Night Of” explores this exact scenario. When my husband told me the plot (he watched episode 1 before I did), I laughed at him and said “Thanks for basically telling the entire story”. When I sat down to watch it myself it was quickly apparent that this show is much more about the judicial system, and less about the murder of Andrea, itself.  Even though he'd told me about the events on 82The Night Of83

Nasir Khan is the central character and honestly, I’m not even sure if he did or didn’t commit the murder. We never see any part of the actual crime, only the aftermath. There are enough holes in the story that someone else very well might have done it…or maybe it was Nas himself. Episode 4 aired on August 1st and we still don’t know more about the events of that night than we did in Episode 1.

With the show being limited series and tapped for 8 episodes, I’m thinking that there’s still quite a bit of loose ends to tie up. There are questions that I need answers to, and I’m hoping and praying that they all get answered.

1. Did Nasir actually kill Andrea?

Seems like the answer to this would be OF COURSE they’ll answer that- but I’m not so sure. One of the things that this show prides itself is that it’s mostly about the COURT SYSTEM. In the grand scheme of things, we don’t need to know if he actually committed the crime to achieve what the show wants to highlight. We only need to know what Nasir believes, and that’s that he didn’t do it. (But if you’re asking me what I think… I think he did it.)

2. What is up with Stone’s feet?

I’ve seen eczema before…but never quite like this. The series is VERY focused on Nasir’s former attorney’s skin condition on his feet. From the very beginning, it’s given a very obvious subplot. I’ve seen theories that his condition is a metaphor for the court system (getting better and then exacerbating again) to being an apparent reason that Stone isn’t taken seriously as a lawyer because he doesn’t fit the “Lawyer” prototype.

3. What happened to the 2nd guy that Andrea and Nasir ran into in front of her apartment the night she was killed?

There were witnesses that could identify Nasir as being with Andrea the night she was killed. They got in a small altercation with two black men as they were entering her apartment. One of the guys was brought in for questioning…but he denied that anyone else was a witness and we haven’t heard about the friend that was with him. At all. During the altercation, there were some racial slurs they threw at Nas and it was obvious they had disdain for him.

4. Will anyone at Rikers Island have information that could help Nas? Nasir has been forced into some interesting alliances in prison.229Top of the Food Chain230

I still haven’t decided if I’m watching an amazing piece of art, or a murder mystery. I’ve always been a girl who likes tv shows and books to end with the plot wrapped up in a beautiful box with a bow. I tend to be pretty upset if I’m left with more questions than answers at a show’s ending.

For the first time, I’m prepared for the ending to not be at all what I expect. Even knowing that I might not have all my questions answered, I’m committed to seeing how this plays out and what lesson we’re supposed to take from this story. THAT- the actual “lesson”- is the only thing I’m completely clear will be obvious, wrapped up in a beautiful box with a bow.

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