'They're such ridiculous players. It makes me want to blow my brains out!!!'

'They're such ridiculous players. It makes me want to blow my brains out!!!'

From left to right: ​Chris Poland​, ​Nick Menza​, & ​59Pag60​ performing at Alva's Room in San Pedro, CA.

Despite the fact that critics and audience alike count on #OHM to be the hardest rocking jazz/blues/rock fusion band on earth – and come away from their shows with their expectations entirely met or miraculously exceeded – the members of the band aren’t quite sure how to describe their music. Not that this has in any way slowed their continuing ascent up to the stratospheres of critical praise for their studio and live recordings:

2003: OHM “Brilliant.”

2004’s Live on KPFK 90.7 FM – “Stunning… overwhelming.”

2005’s Amino Acid Flashback –“Unique and thrilling.”

2008 Circus of Sound: “OHM is unlike any other band;” named a Guitar Channel favorite for 2008.

What words and phrases do OHM’s members offer for their sound?

Description 1: The founding member, legendary guitarist Chris Poland, has this description: “Sometimes we’ve called it tension/release music. So there's a lot of tension that we like to build up, and then we like to release it in the song… It’s a peak and a valley, or maybe a little valley and then a big peak, but it always has to have the yin and the yang, so to speak.” And what a “yin” and what a “yang!” It’s Poland’s monster licks that powered the early Megadeth years which produced “Killing is My Business… and Business is Good!” and “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?” But, don’t let the Megadeth years mislead you, as reviewers have remarked, there's also “a distinct jazz side to Poland’s playing” that leads to “inspired playing…” with “…silky-smooth runs and a liberal approach to bending that are the hallmarks of his style” making him “one of fusion's truly great guitar players” who “peels off wicked-fast blues runs, which leave you either shaking your head, or reaching for the rewind button for another listen.” But, (“but” no. 2) don’t let the praise for Poland mislead the un-OHM-initiated that it’s his playing that entirely accounts for OHM’s pressure/release/yin/yang or whatever you want to call it: As reviewers have remarked, alongside Poland, is “fretless bassist extraordinaire” Robbie (Pag) Pagliari, who “punctuates OHM's melodies with incredible bass playing” that “amazes and delights” and “is just as responsible for the band's unique sound as Poland is.”

Description 2:157INSPIRIMENTAL”. This phrase was coined by the late David Eagle

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