'This ain't no strip club shit' says Drake

'This ain't no strip club shit' says Drake

...about his new strip club to open in Houston in early 2017.  Nah nah nah, this'll be classy circus performers.

A few weeks ago the rapper who just declared his love for Rihanna threw a “pop-up dance experience” in Houston, reports TitsandSass.com, a Rihanna blog. The way Josephine, of the blogging duo, writes it you can tell they aren't cool with Drake's affinity for strippers at the same time having a Nice Guy image. 

Back to that tell-tale event in Houston: it 40featured aerialists

Celebrities open restaurants and bars, but so far strip clubs have been off-limits because they're too -- sex-worky?  The blogger says she used to work at a gentleman's club that was a titty bar pretending the men were gentlemen. Maybe Drake's kind of pretension, says Josephine, is what it will take to start a high-end strip club that’s “different.”

Take a look at the scene.

His smile ?? #TheBallet #ChampagnePapi ??

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