How My Mom Taught Me to Preserve Food Nutrients While Cooking

In this blog I will be sharing some useful tips that will help you preserve the nutrients in food during the process of cooking. These are some tips that were handed over to me from my mom and not so surprisingly to my mom from her mom!

So, the first rule to preserve food nutrients while cooking is to make sure that you never wash vegetables after chopping, as it takes away the nutrients. Hence, as per my mom’s rulebook, always wash your vegetables well before chopping them.

The second important tip that my mom shared with me to preserve the nutrients of food is to not chop too small, as it would eventually evaporate the rich nutrients in the air while cooking. So, if you want the nutrients in your food to stay intact, you must always make a point to chop them in big chunks.

The third and one of the most important tips my mom shared with me in the context of preserving the nutrients of food is to use less amount of water while boiling as well as cooking the vegetables on low flame with a covered vessel. For if you use too much water for boiling the vegetables it will eventually drain all the rich nutrients of your food in water.

I hope that these simple tips from my mom will come handy to you while cooking and preparing nutrient rich food for your loved ones.

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