Tips for baby care while traveling

Over the past few years I’ve learned a lot about what makes or breaks a trip with infant. I’m Evelyn and Last month I received a call from a nervous mother who was about to take her infant on a flight for the very first time. I vividly remember feeling the same anxiety before my first few trips with my new born. I gave her the following tips regarding traveling with a baby:

  • I’ve learned from friends that once a baby finds a food he likes, it’s typically the only one they will eat. If you don’t have the products or brands which your baby likes, it might create a problem for you so remember to bring enough baby food on the trip.
  • Embrace nap time: Sticking with your baby’s nap routine is essential especially if you are dealing with baby jet lag. A cranky baby is not fun for anyone.
  • Don’t forget to bring a comfortable pillow. Carry a regular sized pillow and not the travel pillows that wraps around your neck.
  • Bring plenty of Advil. Baby teething is frustratingly unpredictable. It seems like every time we travel, a tooth decides to make an unwanted experience.
  • Don’t wait to feed. Before my first flight with baby, I did some online research to get prepared. I read that it is good to feed your baby just before the flight. The idea behind that is your baby will get sleepy after feeding and will fall asleep soon.
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