'Too Female'

Say What?

Too much empowerment? Too much femaleness? Too much estrogen? Too much emasculation?  We aren't sure.  But the message received...was NO. 
The exact words from the Deadbeat writer were:

51I hear the pilot tested well but skewed too female for CBS’ schedule.52

And that Writer Was Female!! (See link below)


How awful is that? What a blow. But what exactly does that mean, really?  Are there

too many other #female-led shows in the line-up that evening on that #network?
Or on #competing networks at that time? Or
do they think they have too many female-centric shows already? 
OR is this blow back from the #male corner of the room?
We aren't really sure what it means.

What we do take #hope from is that they haven't trashed the project -- after all,

the #pilot #screened WELL, not poorly. So they are still shopping it around. 

#HuffPo caught the mood of the #Twitterverse, and it seems to match ours, and includes the gender-equal male section (thank you!), so the world is not completely out of whack. Maybe just the #executive #network branch.