Top 5 Weirdest Questions I’ve Been Asked as a Dietitian

I am Jane, an expert in food and diet who helps people solve their queries about food and suggests diets online. On a daily basis I get loads of questions but some stand apart from the rest. They don’t just force me to think twice but they also give me a much-needed laughter break from my hectic work. Here are some of the funniest questions I’ve been asked during my job.

Is pepperoni pizza vegetarian?

My vegan friend always orders pepperoni pizza whenever we go out as he says the pepperoni loses its meatness during the process of treating the meat.

A: I’m afraid this ain’t it chief. Have you ever heard cheese losing its cheesiness or water losing its wateriness? Similarly, pepperoni never loses its meatness.

I ate 14 bowls of cereal when binge watching a show, what should I do?

A: Consult a doctor immediately if you feel any pain or if you’re feeling uneasy. And do not eat cereal when binge watching shows?

If I ate myself, which one is more likely to happen - would I disappear completely or would I become twice as big?

A: Wait, what? How do people come up with such creativity? P.S. Please don’t eat yourself.

I’m scared as I swallowed an ice cube whole and didn’t poop it out, what should I do?

A: Pay attention during science class perhaps? Don’t worry, ice must have melted into water and came out as pee. So you would be just fine.

Will I get poisoned if I ate expired biscuits?

A: No. Don’t worry you will not get poisoned… though you might get an upset stomach for a day or two but nothing too serious.