True or false? 'GOP is the party of Christians'

True or false? 'GOP is the party of Christians'

In no other area does a pendulum swing as wide with differing opinions than politics and religion; or more specifically, politics IN religion.

True or false? 'GOP is the party of Christians'

Consider that for many, the GOP represents the party of Christian traditions, values and morals. However, some of the best-known Democrats are also Christian. Add in that believing and practicing Christianity exempts no one from having the ability to sin, including many Republicans. 

So how did we get to the assumption that the GOP is the party of Christians? 

The simple answer boils down to two things: interpretation and emotion; with emotion leading the charge. 

Allow me to explain...

If you look closely, the Christian demographic among both parties rely heavily on The Bible as a confirmation or justification of their beliefs. Only, they’re just looking at different parts of the same book to support said beliefs. The Word covers a gamut of issues where morals are concerned. From the Ten Commandments to Jesus’ speech about caring for “the least of these”, if Christians are looking for a verse that backs up their way of thinking, especially political views, they can find it. Therein lies the answer!

As an individual and a Christian, the parts of the Bible that you connect with most or feel the most strongly about will shape which political party you'll align yourself. Or at the very least, end up voting for that party's candidates more often.

True or false? 'GOP is the party of Christians'

Think about it. 

Both platforms have many ideals, but many times there are only a few beliefs that make a person choose a side. There are certain issues that are your HILL, that is to say the one thing that you hold on to steadfastly and no outside forces can change your mind.

Sidenote: if you'd like to explore the idea of the hill, here's a great read to start:

For some, their hill is abortion, or gay marriage or women’s rights. 

When you align yourself with a party based on feelings for one particular platform, you may actually agree with the opposite party in many aspects. But there's one particular issue for you that is not up for compromise.

Now, is that issue addressed by God in the Old Testament or the New? Old Testament connections are usually Conservative, while those that connect more strongly with the New Testament tend to be moderate or just left of centre. Of course, no group is a monolith, in every community there are exceptions; as I am sure there are here.

I do think asking yourself-or even the Christian you know who is with a different party- what did they connect with most in The Bible? 

It can be a great litmus test if you find yourself wondering how they became the political animal they are where religion is concerned.

What do you think?

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