Trump's SOTU Home Run

We must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution and embrace the balanced potential, cooperation, compromise, and the common good.
” – Donald J Trump, 5 Jan 2019


Americans call for tighter border controls.  72% approve of the president’s ideas for immigration, which include the building of a wall on the southern border. President Trump Promised to "build a wall."


During most of President Trump's speech, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scowled, played with papers, and refused to watch Trump address the nation. Notables in the audience seemingly had crazy glue in their seats. Senator Schumer (D-NY), Speaker Pelosi, the newest, Democratic-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka "AOC" (D-NY), and every other 'resist-everything-Trump' democratic party member, refused to applaud or stand even when President Trump said, “Today, America has record low African American and Hispanic unemployment."


The look on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when President Trump proclaimed “

America will never be a Socialist Country
” was priceless. One does need to ask why none of the democratic women, in the U.S. Congress, stood
against Socialism in America.
Troubling times


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