Trump’s Weird Moment with Tim Cook Takes Twitter by Storm

The U.S. President, Donald Trump had an incredibly awkward moment last Wednesday and the Twitter went into meltdown with memes and funny tweets.

The moment happened when Trump forgot the name of Apple’s CEO and referred to Tim Cook as “Tim Apple”.

Trump was seated just to the left of Cook at a roundtable meeting with business leaders co-chaired by one of Trump’s daughters Ivanka Trump (who also happens to be a White House advisor), and Labor Secretary Wilbur Ross. Trump also referred to Ivanka as “honey” during this meeting and Twitter users made full use of this opportunity by coming up with creative memes and captions.

Trump who had once claimed that he had “one of the greatest memories of all time” has become quite synonymous with flubbing names as he has a history of it, as pointed out by “The Daily Show”.

Trump has been relatively hated figure and has had mixed response from the US citizens after he was sworn in as the President. Not a lot of people were happy about it as they believed Trump was not President-material.

I’m John, a politics enthusiast. Even though he doesn’t have the most glorious CVs in history, he is still good enough. In my opinion, Trump has done a tremendous job since being sworn in as the President although his antics against Mexicans remain debatable.

His official work aside, this piece of news with him fluffing Tim Cook’s name and calling him as “Tim Apple” still remains one of the funniest pieces of news I’ve come across in the recent times.

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