Turkey's Currency Woes Deepen

Turkey's Currency Woes Deepen

James Kirk
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Moves to ease Turkey's economic woes have failed to stop market turmoil as the country's row with the US deepens.

Turkey's currency dropped again Monday as the country wrestled with a crisis that has rattled markets around the world, report CNN and the BBC.

The Turkish lira plunged as much as 11 percent against the dollar, hitting a record low, before recovering some of its losses in volatile trading. The lira had already plummeted more than 20 percent last week as a political clash with the United States intensified and investors fretted about the Turkish government's lack of action to tackle the problems plaguing its economy.

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The US last week imposed sanctions on Turkey over its refusal to extradite a US preacher imprisoned in the country.

The sanctions caused market turmoil, which the central bank attempted – but failed – to soothe with a series of market-boosting measures.

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