Twitter On Fire Over Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name

Twitter On Fire Over Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name

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Twitter On Fire Over Kim Kardashian’s Baby NameTwitter On Fire Over Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name

If you have time to waste today, check out Kim Kardashian’s baby name speculation on Twitter. It’s comedic gold.

Kim recently posted a cryptic Louis Vuitton image on Instagram, which literally set social media on fire. People are now wondering if North and Saint’s little sister, who was delivered via surrogate on Monday, will be named Louis West or Vuitton West, or worse, Louis Vuitton West.

Twitter On Fire Over Kim Kardashian’s Baby NameTwitter On Fire Over Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name

This is a name that Kanye, who according to the Daily Mail, is nicknamed Louis Vuitton Don, is likely to pick for his new baby daughter.

Arguably the biggest Louis Vuitton fans on the planet, Kim and Kanye have decorated their wheelie bins with the LV print.

But will the eccentric couple will go so far as to name their daughter after the French fashion brand?

There are more options flying around.

Some popular suggestions on Twitter include Star, South, East, Halo, Miracle, Elvie (from the Louis Vuitton monogram), Laurent and Livy.

Others said that the couple should pay tribute to Kanye’s late mom Donda, who died away of heart disease after plastic surgery in 2007.

Joking around, someone even suggested that the baby should be named “Via Surrogate,” while another user said that Kim and Kanye’s baby should be “Wild West.”

Meanwhile, many fans are still uncertain what is the real identity of Kim’s surrogate, thinking that “pregnant” sister Kylie Jenner was the one who had Kim’s third baby.

One thing’s for sure--people are dying to hear Kimye’s big name announcement of their new family member.

However, many of us, I must admit, are still not sure why we even care.

But I guess, after North West and Saint West, we are curious just how far the couple is willing to go in their naming. 

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