Visit Celebrity Ink™ Studio to Avail Mates Rates Discount

Among the several brands which have contributed greatly to the growth of the tattoo industry; Celebrity Ink™ is eminent. Celebrity Ink™ is happy to announce about Mates Rates, a special offer. To avail this offer, you need to visit the Lutwyche studio, under this brand name. You, along with your friends will be able to get inked at affordable rates.
A Short Note on Celebrity Ink™

Celebrity Ink™ is one of the most trusted tattoo brands which has already conquered the hearts of millions of customers. They take pride in having more than 100 award-winning tattoo artists who have the capability to meet the needs of customers. Internationally recognised hygiene standard is one of the reasons why tattoo lovers count on this shop first. They have a professional team of licensed artists, sterilisation technicians, graphic designers and managers. For

Mates Rates: A Special Offer

Celebrity Ink™ has brought a special offer known as, “Mates Rates” for tattoo lovers and their friends. To avail this offer, you, along with your friends may pay a visit to any of the studios, including the Lutwyche store, under the said brand name. This offer is valid till 30th June, 2019. You will get a discount on your tattoos when you bring your friends with you, and they will get inked on the same day. Your discount is based on the number of friends getting inked together. Here are several important things; you need to know,

  • Bring 1 Friend: 10% off for you and your friend
  • Bring 2 friends: 15% off for all three of you
  • Bring 3 mates: 20% off for four of you.
  • Do not let this offer go. Quickly grab this scope, get inked and make your unique style statement.

    Celebrity Ink™ Is Dedicated To Cleanliness

    Globally recognised hygiene standard is the reason for which tattoo lovers have the inclination to visit this store.

    Why Should You Visit Celebrity Ink™ Studio?

    Some of the valid reasons include,

  • Professional and experienced artists
  • Excellent offer and affordable rates
  • A clean and sterile environment
  • Fantastic track records
  • Modern and trendy designs
  • Apart from these, there are several other reasons to count. Book an appointment with tattoo artists of Celebrity Ink™ and get tattooed safely.