Body Painting Art

The first thing that comes into peoples mind when they come about the term “

Body Art
” is the tattoos, engravings on the body or something like that. But in general the body painting art is a whole different term as includes the painting of the artwork directly over the human skin, this may include overall body,
face painting
or any other kind of abstract over any given body art.

Historical Importance

To connect with nature and to display the innate qualities and creative abilities humans have been using certain means to do so. Sometimes it is about making bold constructions, painting on empty canvas but in the ancient historical tribes, people have been engraving certain artistic designs over their bodies using various herbs or other things featuring as colors.

These incredible performances and expressions have two diverse meaning attached to themselves; first being the traditional aspect and the second one is the modern bodypainting art.


Particular Bodypainting artists

While scouring for this information a few names might surface before you but the one that will be there consistently is

Trina Merry
. She has the most eccentric skills and artistic appreciation when it comes to body painting. She has taken the art of painting and the basic human desire to be a part of something greater, functioning as an empty canvas that can take upon any given emotion on itself and has transformed the world of body painting art. She is known for creating visual appreciations in the field of body painting and her work has been put on the neon signs in New York and ultimately recognized by the whole world.


fine art
requires a certain connection with the self and ultimately the appreciation for art itself, only then you might be able to work out something eccentric and promising at the same time.

Themes of Body Painting

There are literally too many themes and ideas revolving around the concept of the Body Painting, there is nature, abstract body painting, Sci-fi oriented or dealing with a particular human emotion. As you can see the possibilities are limitless. But the one that has been increasing in popularity is the

large scale
body painting, in this particular theme of the bodypainting certain large scales are constructed over the body upon which paint is applied later. This works like putting together various pieces of the puzzle and then adjoining them with your own concept or artistic idea.


Sports Illustrated & bodypainting

Sports Illustrated
the American Sports magazine provides the news and current stats over various sports and recently the magazine has been stormed with various ideas and creative projects of various body painting artists. There are a lot of
body painting competitions
being organized by the sports illustrated given the popularity of this emerging art, recently the body painting competition for swimsuit was under consideration.

Body Painting is an emerging field and it has been showing a lot of promise, only recently it has been entitled as a proper sport and the chances for body painting to emerge in the future are actually very amazing.  

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