Watch Sarah Tubert kill it with ASL 'Alexander Hamilton'

Watch Sarah Tubert kill it with ASL 'Alexander Hamilton'

? His enemies destroyed his rep; America forgot him... ?

19Alexander Hamilton.20

When she's not staging incredibly captivating hip-hop musical performances, Tubert is also captain of the National Deaf Volleyball Women's team.

Here, though? Here, she's simply magic.

Reading through the Hamiltome, you get an even greater sense about what Lin Manuel Miranda wanted to accomplish while writing Hamilton. Yes, the real Alexander Hamilton was largely overlooked as compared to other Founding Fathers.

But the thing that too many high school kids stuck in unjustifiably boring American history classes can tell you is this: They just can't relate.

Miranda ingeniously got to the core of what makes Hamilton's story so uniquely American, and it's something that every American of every background can instantly tap into. Skin color, religion, language, gender identity--you can be proud of where you came from, but at the same time, appreciate what everyone in this country holds in common.

That's the real, ultimate power of Hamilton: An American Musical. That's why it's such a gift, man.

If you're ready to be blown away, her dad posted the video here:

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