Watch Steny 'The Enforcer' Hoyer treasure hunt for the ACA repeal bill ?

You know we're living in some crazy times when members of Congress are posting Facebook Live videos of them treasure hunting on the job.

If the GOP is so bent on repealing Obamacare, why are they keeping their repeal bill under lock and key? 

Did someone not do their homework, or do they just not want people (members of Congress, journalists, the American public) to see it?

Hard to say. Let's treasure hunt with House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer!
Here's the full video. Hope he wore his Fitbit.

Hoyer is far from the only MoC searching high and low for this bill. Senator Rand Paul has also been hot on the trail.

Other people have helpful clues to offer, too:

Are you sure about that, Congresswoman Kelly? 

Cool story, bro. Now you just need the right music..