'We All Love To Get On The Road, But What If You Wish To Keep Your Dignity?'

What can the

most-funded bag in Kickstarter history
do for you?
Short answer:
everything a suitcase and backpack can do, combined.

Originally launched in 2013, the

Minaal Carry-on
has now upgraded to a
2.0 version
. According to the company, the founders vetted through
over 10,000 emails containing user feedback
before launching the 2.0 version.

The pack lays flat for easy packing and unpacking.


an ability to move between sandy beaches and boardroom meetings,
with various covers and a simplistic design for maximum versatility:

Optional hip strap for additional support:

The Minaal

raised over $340,000 in 30 days (more than 11x their original goal).