We'd like this more 'Presidential' Trump to stick around

We'd like this more 'Presidential' Trump to stick around

It was the speech Americans have been waiting for from its 45th President.

Particularly conservatives who agree with his policy and not his rhetoric and delivery. Policy withstanding, during the Joint Address to Congress one thing was clear: President Trump’s tone was by-and-large that of the leader of the free world.

I'm sure this was most of America waiting for the speech.  Grab the popcorn, get comfy because for the first time we have a President who isn't afraid to say exactly what's on his mind!

Did you watch? It brought in solid ratings although Dems and MSM were quick to point out not as much as Obama's in 2009.  Could be because they're haters, could be because even the POTUS himself gives a lot of weight to ratings.  I'm going to go with the former.

Did you watch?  You know it went well when far left leaning CNN is reporting these kind of numbers:

ICYMI: Some highlights, video and full transcripts.  



Of course, some people couldn't just the standing ovation for what it was: much deserved.

That was a home run. Thank you, Mr. President, for coming to the Capitol tonight for a #JointAddress.

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This speech was our first glimpse of Donald J. Trump settling into his role as President. If he keeps this up, there won't be much distraction from his policies, which is where true conservatives can and will be satisfied.

Share your thoughts in the comments & repost if you agree that the Joint Address was President Trump at his best!

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