What are Joe Biden’s Chances of Winning the Presidential Election in 2020?

Today I’m going to talk about Joe Biden’s chances of winning the presidential election in 2020. The former Vice President has nominated himself for the presidential run as a democratic candidate. This is Biden’s third presidential run, following two failed attempts in 1998 and 2008. Looking at the prospects, he’s got a big chance to win the nomination. Bringing in over $700,000 on Wednesday, Joe Biden has raised a lot of eyebrows at a Hollywood fundraiser. Evidently, this is one of the biggest hauls so far in his campaign.

While he’s got a good chance to win the nomination in 2020, there are several arguments working against the bid. Apparently, his doing quite well in the national polls, getting 28% over the last few weeks and around 30% since the beginning of 2019. With Biden’s fundraising hauls becoming a talking point in the political scene, he is faced with what you may call an activist problem. As per the studies, party activists are leaning away from Biden, and only one fifth of these candidates are backing him. This is oddly reminiscent of Bush’s 2016 campaign, where he had the support of the elites but the activists didn’t back him. So what can potentially work against his favor?Discernibly, his age is a huge concern, and almost 33% Democrats are repulsed at the idea of nominating someone that old.