What Are the Worst Shows on Netflix?

Netflix is a home to a number of series and TV shows from other networks as well. It consists both- great and worst variety shows. It’s not just to watch Stranger things or gossip girl, you can also watch old shows and movies just like me. It’s like a deep library with good and bad books. Here is a list of my experience on worst shows of Netflix:

  • Dexter:
    Dexter is a good series only till it’s 3rd or 4th season. But the later seasons of Dexter as extremely ridiculous. The terrible efforts with the late seasons take down the strength of the show.
  • Glee:
    Glee is like a punching bag. The show directly switches from one phase to another. The worst part of this show is that every song sounds like a pop album made for kids.
  • Star crossed:
    It claims itself to be a modern Romeo Juliet. The series lacks the basic passion of a romantic series. The pair share no chemistry and seeing them together is a just a comedy.
  • Last man standing:
    It’s just a story of a frustrated man surrounded by woman which is supposed to be hilarious but it’s not.
  • Touch:
    It is a boring series with the character who could barely communicate. The character is not able to deal with physical touch. The series is as stupid as it sounds. It is a partly depressing family drama with a stupid story.
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