What is a Meditation Blanket and Do You Really Need One?


All of us who love to practice yoga need a beautiful

meditation blanket

Are you able to cope up while lying on the floor and practicing various yoga asanas? Does it bring uneasiness while doing such yoga asanas? It is challenging to manage such yoga asanas even for 10 to 15 minutes. The good news is that the meditation

blankets from Complete Unity Yoga
are not that costly. And if you're planning to do meditation regularly, you should think about having one of the meditation blankets.

A meditation blanket is an elongated and (usually) stylized blanket that can get tucked into a thick bolster and can suit any place. They are available in various forms, dimensions, fabrics, prints, and colors and are easier to carry while traveling (simpler than to bring a pillow).

If you like to sleep taller and have more assistance, the thinner pillows are safer. However, they can get held long enough to put them under your feet (ideal for seated meditations) wrapped and rolled into a more compact and dense type of cushion for lotus meditation. These appear to be the clothes and wool blends of Mexican fashion.

It is necessary to know how often do you plan to meditate. If you're planning to meditate less than 3-5 nights a week, it is suggested that you use a comfortable blanket or cushion that can be placed around while doing the meditation.

Use a Yoga Eye Pillow for Comfort
Yoga eye pillows
can be one of the most effective therapeutic instruments particularly when it gets to a healthy nervous system, Your vagus nerve is one of the twelve cranial nerves originating in the brain, traveling down the rear of your throat and into your chest and core, and then moving down into your abdomen and digestive tract.

By eliciting what is called the oculocardiac instinct, light stress on the eyeballs reduces heart rate, sometimes quite a lot. It also boosts the nerve of the vagus. The vagus nerve has a comprehensive profile: it controls heart rate and digestion, and it is the principal means by which our brain regulates mood. It is the primary communicator of our rest-and-digest scheme, which enables us to sleep more profoundly. It also elicits our system of tendency and friendship, allowing us to reach out and communicate with others. It is a critical factor in the resilience of long-term stress and happiness, a study demonstrates.

This abdominal massage is a fast route to boost your vagus nerve. It is advisable to use yoga eye pillows from Complete Unity Yoga that can put light pressure on the eyeballs.