'What would it be like?'

'What would it be like?'

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You know what I realized today? It’s okay to be the the one that feels harder than most. To truly ache when a song resonates in your bones. To hurt when the world misunderstands intention. This life is your desire to be understood…and the fact that not everyone can, or is capable, tends to disappoint on a rainy day. But darling you try and you try. This universe gives you exactly what you need at that very time. The love you’ve had, at least it gained meaning. Your words are lost sometimes, but in the place that they are found - that is life’s meaning. You are grace which is desired. This souls ever burning fire. Be proud of the woman, but be kind with those inspired. Your words could hold a mountain but the wind can shatter the spine. Be fine. Be fierce. Let #love carry your soul, music be your milk, and human touch be the flow to bring you forth. This is your free-write. You tell the story. Go on now honey, and hold tight to memories pillow that you cling to so tight.

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