'What would it be like.'

'What would it be like.'

Everyday Life
Collection Everyday Life

I see you some days,
but spend some others
waiting for you. To show hoping to catch you
walking into my #coffee shop
on your lunch break. Ordering a #doppio#espresso with a few pumps of #syrup, a splash of almond milk having a touch to it only you trust me to make perfect. I get nervous though when it comes to being
behind the bar with you in the corner of my eye. I maybe get too nervous,
making such #ridiculous conversion, asking if your work day has been busy
while instead I’d like to be asking if you’re seeing someone, what you like to do for #fun, what your #dreams are, what you’re
deeply passionate about I get too damn nervous. I #wonder what it’d be like to
take you out. Would you like to get drinks or go to an #art#museum? Maybe
join me on set of a #photo shoot? I bet you’re just as stunning in front of a #camera as you are before my eyes I wonder is it possible that you’re shy? I ask about you sometimes to our mutual friends. I try to slightly mention you in conversation. like “oh, I haven’t seen so-and-so in a while. Have they been around?” Some nights, when I can’t sleep. I start imagining what it’d be like to kiss someone lovely at the end of a #crazy night, maybe in my car, when we unbuckle our seat belts as I drop them off both of us kind of unsure about. Whether we #hug or #kiss, but in this fantasy, I place my hand on a smooth cheek
and kiss there once or twice,
then move closer to their lips, desperate for them to make the actual move towards mine some nights I imagine it’s you. You’re one of a kind,I swear,and even in a crowded place in a crowded kinda life there is no line I’d not let you cross if you’d
simply like to see me!

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