Which is a better post-workout snack – Bananas or sports drinks?

I’m John, gym buff who loves spending hours in the gym. I’ve been trying out for bodybuilding competitions, so I know a bit or two about the weights and the diet.


A lot of people at my gym have this debate whether bananas are beneficial as a post-workout snack or not?A lot of them argue that sports drinks are much better than bananas for muscle repair while others disagree. So who is right among them?

According to the extensive research I did during my free time, I found out a few websites that had reports of scientific research showing that it is always good to have a banana after exercise. Eating a banana post workout is considered to be an ideal way of increasing your performance without having to do much for it.

I also found out that bananas were healthier than sports drinks. I completely agree with it as I felt much more energetic after eating bananas as opposed to having sports drinks post workout (as those made me sleepy).

Bananas are packed with vitamin B6, antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and other vital nutrients. Sports drinks, on the other hand, are made up of sugar and water while they don’t give a lot of useful nutrients to the body. I’m sure you can see why there is a clear winner and that is - banana.

I had this opinion from a long time but my gym mates never believed me until I backed it up with scientific proof. Now, most of them follow my advice and eat bananas everyday post workout and thank me for the significant gains.

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