Why Banning Tommy Robinson from Facebook wasn't a Good Idea?

Tommy Robinson whose real name is Stephen Yaxley
is the British far-right founder of English Defence League. He was permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram for violating their community policies. He posted contents that preached about violence targeted at Muslims on the social platforms thereby. YouTube is his only active social media platform as he has also been banned from Twitter.

Reasons for the Ban:

• Facebook explains that he posted contents that were violence-urging and used dehumanizing language which evoked others to hurt the Muslim community.

• He is notoriously known for his criticism on Islam, and he urged others to initiate war against the Muslims.

• The community standards of Facebook and Instagram does not tolerate the posting of hate content. Due to these reasons, Facebook and Instagram had to take down his posts and profile as well

What about Freedom of speech?

Tommy Robinson is not the most lovable personality, but, we shouldn't forget about freedom of speech as a civil right. We are born free, and we have the right to speak our mind. Tommy Robinson, although disagreeable to many people, was conveying his thoughts on his profile.

It is horrible to spread hate about any community, religion, or an individual and in the U.S. there are many Supreme Court decisions against hate speech aimed towards racial or religious groups. Also, let's not forget Goebbels and Hitler were also conveying their thoughts about the Jewish in the 1930s. Propaganda at early Nazi Rallies was also seen as normal, freedom of expression protected by a democratic system. Look where did it bring us as humanity?

We should be able to speak about anything and everything as long as it is in a calm, logical and fact-based manner. This is what separates freedom of expression from hate speech in my opinion.

Also, it is easy to defeat a bad idea when it is exposed, and we need to have a diversity of opinions to come to a well-rounded conclusion. Firstly, It's good that Tommy Robinson posted everything publicly on social platforms, so Muslims and the authorities were informed about this potentially dangerous person and his supporters. We have weather forecasts to make people aware of the next day's weather conditions, to help them plan their daily activities. Similarly knowing about physical and/or mental threats gave them to chance to be prepared. Secondly, being aware of hate provides the community with the opportunity to look into underlying reasons. No matter how delusional a person is, there's almost always a real pain point when you look past all the shouting and insults. Looking deeper into the problem might reveal dialogue opportunities or reformation through self-evaluation.