Why Dresses-Over-jeans is the most ridiculously cringe-worthy dressing trend that shouldn’t make a comeback?

There have been many exciting fashion trends from way back that we still adore to this day. However, for every classy fashion trend, there are always some uncomfortable, awkward, and let’s just be honest, ugly fashion trends.

I’m Evelyn, a fashion enthusiast who had been a model when in college. I love retro fashion but at times, there are some fashion trends that I believe never made it to the public eye.

In my opinion, every era is guilty of forcing down certain fashion trends down our throats. Today, I’ll talk about the fashion trend which I believe to be highly cringe-worthy and so pointless that the world would have survived just fine even if this trend didn’t start.

Remember the time when all the actresses were rocking the dresses-over-jeans look? No, right!

That is because this trend was never good enough. In fact, it is cringe-worthy enough to make you want to bury your head in the sand!

Even though it never became quite the sensation the designers had hoped for, it still got the attention of everyone as most of us will have these flowy dresses – with or without floral designs, a big and wide belt. We all would wear them with our jeans underneath even though the dress would drop down to our knees.

This trend wasn’t as uncomfortable as it was ugly. The look was highly unflattering, clumsy, and baggy which is why the designers decided to pull the plug and start thinking about new trends.

It is believed trends are always repeated from the past. If that is the case, I seriously hope dresses over jeans never make a return.