Why men shouldn’t be ashamed of wearing flip flops outdoors?

I’m John, and yes, I’m a man. Yes, I love flip flops. Yes, comfort is my priority over looks.

A lot of influencers and fashion figures, in particular, are spreading this agenda against flip flops that they shouldn’t be worn in public areas.

Yes, they have a point that flip flops do not necessarily go with your outfits and there are many varieties of shoes that will make your outfit more attractive but why should they shame men who prefer flip flops over shoes?

Flip flops are much more comfortable and easy to maintain than shoes. They are easy to carry anywhere as they can easily fit in small bags or covers.

The other day, I went to a beach with my office mates and one of them was heavily influenced by the norms of the fashion industry. We all were in our flip flops except him. We were just chilling out at the beach, enjoying the feel of the sand and the waves hitting our feet and drinking beer.

When we headed back to our hotel room, he noticed a slight pain in his right foot. When he removed his moccasins, he noticed rashes all over his right foot. He rushed to the doctor and luckily it wasn’t that bad. The doctor said it was because the water got accumulated and had a negative reaction causing allergy.

Through this incident, he learnt his lesson that fashion norms shouldn’t always be followed and that men shouldn’t be ashamed of wearing flip flops in places like beaches.