Why Soaked Almonds Are Better Than Raw Almonds?

Why Soaked Almonds Are Better Than Raw Almonds?

Why Soaked Almonds Are Better Than Raw Almonds?

I am here to share a special food story with you all. Most of my food memories are the food stories my mother used to share with me as a little girl, and it gives me a great pleasure to pass on those little tricks and tips inherited by her to you all.

My mother always used to feed me soaked almonds, and I wondered why I could not have them in their raw form. One day I asked her the reason behind feeding me soaked almonds instead of the raw ones and came to know that it was all about choosing a healthier option over anything else. So, eating soaked almonds is not just a matter of taste, but about letting your body easily consume all the nutrients found in it that prove to be beneficial for the brain, heart, digestion as well as for weight loss.

A few years back I searched about the same on the internet and found out that what my mother used to tell me was actually right. For, the brown peel that covers the almond contains a substance called tannin, which restricts the absorption of nutrients in your body. But, once the almonds are soaked in water, the peel comes of naturally, allowing the rich nutrients found in the almond to be absorbed by your body quite easily. So, next time your mother tells you to have soaked almonds in the morning, remember that she is always right!

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