Why the US – Mexico wall shouldn’t be built?

We live in a society where every religion, society, tradition, colour, and sexuality is respected, so why discriminate the area where that person is from?

I’m John, a US citizen who is from a middle-class family. I have a lot of friends at my school from different backgrounds. I have friends who speak Spanish, French, and even Urdu. I have friends who are white, brown, and even black. In our school, they teach us not to discriminate and I’ve seen that it is common in our school that students don’t discriminate each other. Then why is this happening on a global level?

Why are Mexicans being discriminated against in the USA?

My best friend is Rafael Marquez, a Mexican whose family shifted to the USA even before he was born. I share most of my school time with him and even our families are very close. Our families spend all the holidays together including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.

Recently, the talk of the town has been to build a wall between the US and Mexico to stop the immigrants from Mexico to step onto the US soil. But why is that? Why can’t they see Mexicans are beautiful souls just like people from other countries around the world?

Imagine if this wall was built, so many potential future friendships like mine and Rafael’s would never be possible. There will always be bad blood between Americans and Mexicans. So many US – Mexican families will miss out on countless potential memories they could have made over dinner on holidays.

No matter what your stance is over this debate, I believe building the wall wouldn’t be a smart idea as we wouldn’t just be hampering the present but the future generations as well.