Why Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address will have a positive effect on the country?

I am John, a Donald Trump supporter who has been following him since he became our president. Even though I was occupied with work, I still managed to catch his 2019 State of the Union Address on the internet.

This was a night where Trump set aside his affinity for combat and offered almost 90-min of stand-up comity to the national audience. His speech was embedded with patriotic language and I believe it delivered reassurance to the citizens as he reflected ahead of an uncertain 2019.

He delivered a message of bipartisan unity during his first address to the Congress in the new era of divided government. But the hopes of an enduring harmony were quickly dispelled even before he had arrived at the Capitol.

Trump has warred with Democrats across the country for weeks because of his plan for building a wall along the nation’s southwestern border. He had hoped to use his nationally televised speech to present himself as a leader who is able to work across party lines even as he is constantly pressing lawmakers to give him the needed money for the barrier.

He claimed from the rostrum of the House of Representatives “Together, we can break decades of political stalemate”.He also signaled that he won’t back off his hard-line immigration policies that polarize the country

I believe his State of the Union Address will have a positive effect on the country as they know his stance on the important issues and why he is doing so. It will also unite the country as they will see Trump as a figure who will lead the nation to glory.