Why You Need to Stop Drinking Soda Now

Why You Need to Stop Drinking Soda Now

Why You Need to Stop Drinking Soda Now

Having drinking soda all my teenage years, I know how addictive it can be. But, with time I only experienced its setbacks and side effects that made me reconsider my choices and finally the day came when I decided to no longer be “friends” with any of my health’s “enemies”. So, here I am, sharing with you the devastating health risks of drinking soda that must influence you to cut back or simply stop drinking soda -

  • Increased Risk of Diabetes: It is scientifically proven that consuming soda increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 25%, as the high content of sugar found in soda places immense stress on pancreas, which in turn affects your body’s need for insulin.
  • Dysfunctions Kidney: Another reason you need to stop drinking soda is the fact that soda, including diet cola plays a huge role in increasing the chances of a kidney decline.
  • Extremely Bad For Teeth: Did you know that the acid found in soda wears off the enamel on your teeth? Well, this is probably the most important reason you need to quit drinking soda right away.
  • Causes Obesity in Children: Last but not least, soda is also responsible for making your kids obese, by increasing their chances of obesity up to 60%, along with causing a number of other health related problems in them.

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