Why you should avoid certain food items before going to bed?  

Why you should avoid certain food items before going to bed?  

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Insomnia is a common sight these days. A lot of people are suffering from insomnia because of either spending too much time in front of the screens (TV, smartphone, laptop, PC, etc.) or not having a proper diet which makes them unable to get sound sleep at night.

Why you should avoid certain food items before going to bed?  

I’m Jane, a dietician who has spent years studying food and its effects on the body. I believe the consumption of an adequate amount of water and a proper diet is essential if you want to avoid insomnia.

Here are some of the food items that you should avoid consuming at night if you want to get a sound sleep.

  • Dark chocolate

It contains a quarter of the caffeine that could be found in an average cup of coffee. It also contains amino acids making you more alert.

  • Alcohol

Even though having a glass of red wine will leave you feeling sleepy, alcohol is disruptive to your sleep cycle and can have negative effects on your later REM stages.

  • Soda

I know I know, I tell this to my clients a lot – soda just isn’t good for health. Soda is awful for falling asleep as it is full on sugar that leads to you feeling wide awake.

  • Cured meat and cheeses

These are good for a daytime picnic but should be avoided at night as they contain tyramine, an amino acid knowing for making you more alert.

  • Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce has high acidity which can cause ingestion and morning-after heartburn. It is better to not consume it at night as it can give you an extra restless night of sleep.

Insomnia is a serious health issue. I’m requesting you all to please avoid consuming these food items at night as it will hamper your sleep and give you restless nights.

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