Why you should stick to healthy food and drinks and avoid junk food?

As hard as it is to resist the mouth-watering taste and smell of pizzas and burgers, junk food is very harmful to our body. Not only does it not give any nutritious value to our diet, but it also gives us fat that could take days to burn.

I’m John and I’ve been working out since the past 3 years and luckily I’ve managed to stick to a healthy and balanced diet for the most part. Yes, I indulge in a cheat day where I binge on junk food every once a month or so but largely I stick to healthy stuff.

My fitness trainer was the one who showed me how important food is in our lives. In my first month of workout, I used to train but I wouldn’t get substantial results or gains. Plus, I would often be tired after the workout as my whole day I would feel a bit weak and sometimes I’d even get exhausted by the end of the day.

But then, I decided to go for a fitness trainer and within a month or so, I started noticing major improvements. He gave me a proper diet plan with the amount of nutrients and macros I needed to consume every day and I had never felt better about food.

Out went the French fries and pizzas, and in came the peanut butter sandwiches, smoothies, broccoli, and other nutritious food. Trust me, choosing healthy food over junk food would be the best decision of your life and I’m living proof of that.

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