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Do you ever just sit down and take the time to truly contemplate how wonderful someone is? It’s like your mind becomes flooded with all the possible reasons you can see yourself loving them forever. Their kindness, their ability to walk into a crowded room and turn every single head, their passion for life and all things which provide personal growth. Sometimes you just meet someone and they make you question whether coincidences are mere bullshit and fate is more than just some theory. There is not one perfect specimen on this earth, but there is one perfect specimen for you. Someone you want to spend an eternity figuring out. Someone you want to watch evolve endlessly. Someone who makes your world a little more hopeful and a lot less dark. Time is obsolete with them. Nothing means anything and yet they mean everything. And one day you wake up with this over powering, undeniable feeling within your heart and you can’t help but mumble “oh, fuck” because you know they have you wrapped around their perfect fingers and that fact doesn’t even bother you. You do not even seem to mind. #memories

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