Work Out During Work Hours, Experts Say

Work Out During Work Hours, Experts Say

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Work Out During Work Hours, Experts Say

We all know we need exercise.

Unlike sleeping, however, exercise isn’t necessarily something that’s going to happen to us every day. We have to proactively find the time to fit it in. And many people are finding ways to do it during the daytime – at work.

Exercising during the day can help you look better, feel better and even work better. These benefits have long been known.

Researchers conducting a 2008 study in the UK found that more than 200 employees who had access to, and used, a company gym were more productive during the day, and went home feeling more satisfied on the days they exercised during regular work hours, according to a BBC story.

In 2013, another study showed that regardless of age, people experience more alertness after “a single bout of moderate exercise,” such as 15 minutes of moderately intense cycling on a stationary bike. These findings suggest that working out during the day could be even better than setting up gym time before or after the office.

These effects show on top of all the regular benefits to physical activity, including weight loss, better sleep, better sex, better mood and keeping diseases at bay.

Peter Antonio, a personal trainer, fitness instructor and registered nutritionist at a UK university, says sneaking out of work during your lunch break to exercise is a great opportunity.

Not only does it help his clients’ overall fitness goals, but it “gives you a mid-day sense of accomplishment which can last for the remainder of the day,” he says. Antonio adds that clients who exercise during the day find they get more work done and take less sick leave. Furthermore, daytime exercise is good for mental health, providing a stress-free getaway from the daily whirl of meetings and emails.

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