Write A Book Called! ('The Beginning') here's a snippet.

Write A Book Called! ('The Beginning') here's a snippet.

Collection Dreams

I found myself so mad on the day of 10-25-2077 at 7:00AM. So I jumped in my truck and said to myself just drive. So I did and I found that I was making myself feel better the farther I got away from my house. I still don’t understand why,but I do know that I did. I found myself over 300 miles from home. I found myself in a very small town in Ohio I think the sign said something like 110 for population. I would call that a small town because I come from a town of just under 70,000. So this town was nothing but fun come to find out. I stopped to get gas and the man that was behind the counter has been in the town for 87 years he said he has never left the town for anything in his lifetime so far. I then said why? He told me why would you leave “Paradise” I then said your right and then I asked why he loves it here. He took a minute or two to answer me. But he said let my show you why I love it here. I said sure why not. So he literally closed up the gas station right then and there. He told me to drive. So we jumped in my truck and drove for like 10 minutes down a dirt road to what looked like a old mine for a mining company. But he begins to tell me that this is a underground cave that out government start using for bomb testing in the 50’s. I ask him if he was a worker for them and he did not answer me at first but come to find out that the hole town worked making this cave. He said the government moved people out here just to work on it. He begins to tell me a very long story that ends up with a lot of people dead all because of the the cave falling in on them and I begin to say why didn’t they do anything for them. He tells me that in that time no one was keeping track of who and where people where in the cave he said that they could be miles down and they had nothing that could help at the time.I asked him why he was not their that day. He begins to cry. I say you don’t have to tell me why. He said no I was with a girl at the time of it all. I asked was it his wife or girlfriend at the time. He tells me that it was a buddy’s girlfriend at the time and that he was having affair with her. He is still crying but he stops to tell me that the guy was killed in the cave that day he was with her. (He mumbles a name Samantha)I ask was that her name he said no. That was the girl I was in love with at the time. I ask what happen to her. He starts to cry all over again I felt so bad at this point in time. That I say I know how you feel losing someone. He said he was never the same person sense that day. I can’t help but think that this old man was struck by what he did in life. He yells out of the truck window. I asked if he wanted to go back to the gas station. He said no and quickly pulled out a gun and pulls the trigger against his forehead. I quickly got out of the truck while crying I look around to see where we were and to see if any houses where around. I saw nothing but big trees and a big cave and that’s it. So I grabbed by jacket and took off running in the middle of this dirt road and after what felt like a hour I find myself back at the gas station and I forgot that he locked up. So I broke a window and got to the phone and call the police. They show up about a hour later and I said that the old man that work here killed himself. They look around and ask where was he. I tell them that. He took my to the big cave. They say oh no. I said what. They go back to their car and get over the walkie-talkies with other people and I said that we need to hurry up and go back to see if he was alive. They say get in and I am still crying like a crazy person. So we start to go and we wind up there and I can’t believe my eyes. The truck was not their anymore. I say that my truck was just here. The cops start to ask a lot of questions that I couldn’t answer. I tell them that we need to look for the truck. They say no. They take me back to the police station and ask more questions about what happened and why I was here. I tell them that I was having a bad day so I just wanted to drive somewhere. I just found myself here to get gas. And I found myself talking to the old man about things and the next thing I know is we are at the cave talking. And then he shoots himself in the head and I have known reason why he did this. The cops ask me if I was on drugs or anything else I said no. So they put me in a jail cell without a phone call or anything. I say that you need to find the old man. #book#idea

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