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It is human nature to feel nervous before certain events such as public speaking, doing a presentation or going in for an operation but if your feelings of anxiety are persistent and extreme and if they have lasted longer than three months, you could have an anxiety disorder.

If your feelings of trepidation, fear, worry and apprehension are debilitating then it is time to do something about it. An example of extreme anxiety is having a social phobia that becomes so bad you stop going to social events altogether because you feel safer at home. Anxiety is not something that simply goes away and if it is left untreated the symptoms will escalate.

There are different types of anxiety disorders:

· Social anxiety disorder is an terrible fear that other people are judging you

· Separation anxiety disorder is a the fear of not being with your loved ones

· Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the anxiety you feel after a traumatic encounter such as being held up

· Phobias are overwhelming fears of particular objects or situations, for example, having a deep fear of spiders or heights

· Illness anxiety disorder is the constant worry about your health

When you have an anxiety attack you experience a racing heart, quickened pulse, you may sweat profusely and you feel that you have lost control. Anxiety also impacts on a person’s ability to sleep because they often lie awake during the night worrying. 

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When you take Xanax online in the UK, you can build up a tolerance for the medication quite easily so when your symptoms improve, it is advisable to stop taking the medication. 

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You may find that you experience headaches, fatigue and drowsiness when you take

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