Everything you want to know about Storia

What is Storia?

Everyone has a story to tell. But it's difficult to keep stories in your social nets, too much information and in some time you can't even find the posts you want to re-read or to share to your friends. It won't happen with Storia! Everything is well-structurised, divided by topics, so you can make as many stories as you like, invite people to join you in collaborations and capture life together. You can subscribe to living stories of photos, video and text. Keep adding posts to tell your story to the world or just to selected people. You can even keep your stories just for you.

How do I join Storia?

You can join Storia by signing up at our web app (Storia.me), or use our mobile apps for iPhone and Android. You can sign up using your e-mail or just log in with your social net. Once you open a free Storia account, you can access and use it on any of those devices and platforms, interchangeably. Just remember to use the same log in method on each device.

How Do I Get The Mobile App?

The iOS app is available in Canada, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Russia so far. The Android is available in Google Play worldwide.

How Do I Edit My Profile?

On the mobile apps, tap the Profile icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. That should take you to your Profile screen. Tap the gear in the upper right corner to get to Profile settings. Tap "Edit profile" to set your avatar and your background image 'profile cover'. You can also change your user name there and add a bio. You'll also be able to access your account settings from your Profile, where you can change your email and connect to your social accounts. On the web app, click on your avatar in the header and select "Settings" to customize your Profile URL and the other things mentioned here.

How Do I Customize My Profile URL?

You can only do this on the web app. Click on your avatar in the header and select "Settings".

How Do I Change My Password?

On the mobile and web apps, you can change your password in Profile>Settings>Account Settings. If you've forgotten your password and need to reset it, you can do that at log in on all the platforms. We'll send you an email with a link to follow to reset your password. It expires in 24 hours so reset your password when you get the email.

What's In My Newsfeed?

Every time you open the app, you’ll see new updates in your Newsfeed from people you are following and stories you've subscribed to. Every time someone you follow creates a new story or updates one of their public stories, the posts will appear in your Newsfeed. Every time someone posts a new post to a story you subscribe to, you’ll see that in your Newsfeed. You'll also see new posts from public or private stories you collaborate on. Under each post you can see how many people like it and how many comments it’s gotten. Click the heart icon to like it, and click the dialogue icon to comment!

How Do I Find Stories I Like?

In Discover, you can explore featured, popular and trending posts, stories, and topics. When you see a story you like, remember to click to subscribe to it and get fresh updates in your Newsfeed. Also, try using the search bar to find topics you’re interested in as well as friends, public figures, bloggers and other content creators.

What's A Story?

Think of a story as a container for your memories and ideas, a way to capture your life's posts in a fast and vivid way. Stories can have as many or as few posts as you like, and posts can be as long or as short as you need. You can create as many stories as you like on various topics. Name your evolving story of posts and give it a short description.

What Makes A Good Story?

Any experience you want to document, reflect on, or share makes a good Storia story!
  1. Trips and vacations: Invite your fellow travelers as coauthors and you can each record your favorite parts of your RV trip through Yellowstone or your caving adventure in Vietnam. Now you’ll have one place to easily access all the media from the trip!
  2. Journals and diaries: Keep your thoughts totally private and update whenever you feel like it.
  3. Events: Biggest game of the year? Post your predicted outcomes and pictures of the game day set up. A friend is getting married? Throw in some funny childhood pictures of the newlyweds and invite collaborators to contribute videos and well-wishes.
  4. Planning: You’re organizing a secret warehouse party but want to keep things under wraps while you work out the details. Invite your co-conspirators and delegate tasks - someone captures images of the space, techies post about different gear options, and organizers type up schedules and task lists. Comments can be used to clear up any questions. Afterwards, create a public story to relive the night!
  5. Scrapbooks: A story called “My Kitchen” could be used to collect and share your favorite recipes and ideas - and when you have a dinner party, post about that, too.
  6. Idea books: Jot down concepts and inspiration for new projects, like that basement game room you always wanted to build. Invite a few selected friends for new ideas and feedback!

What's A Post?

Each story consists of posts - a text with photos, video or links. Posts keep a story live and dynamic, reflecting what is going on in your life right now. You can post a post right on the go or do it on our web.

How Do I Create A Post?

Click on the big “+” on the bottom navigation or in the header on the web app. You’re now in creation mode. You can create a post instantaneously, with the in-app photo capture, or select images or videos from your camera. You can also post text or a combination of text and images. You can move the text and images inside the post. Naming a post is optional. You can also add hashtags and location tags, which are clickable and searchable.

What's The Difference Between A Post And A Story?

Posts are just that, instants in time with a small focus. Think of it as a snapshot, a fleeting experience, or a sudden thought. Each Storia story is made of a stream of posts which grows into a bigger picture and a larger, on-going story.

How Do I Create A Story?

All stories start with that first post! So, create a post of an image or text or video, or some combination of the three. You’ll be prompted to add it to a story. Click “create a new story” to start a story. Add a cover image, name your story, and add a short description if you choose. Then decide if you want to make it public or private, and pick the people who can see it or contribute to it.

What's A Private Story?

Private stories are only visible to you, and will only become visible and searchable to those people or groups of people that you specifically invite.

How Do I Edit/Delete A Story Or A Post?

Click on the story and enter story settings. There you can update the cover image, the title of your story, its short description, its privacy settings and who can collaborate on or view it. You can also delete your story from this same screen. Remember to click “save” when you’re done editing your story.
Click on the edit icon of the post. Now you can edit or delete the optional title, add or delete photos or text, or the delete the whole post. Don’t forget to click “save” when you’re done editing your post.

What Can I Post?

Storia currently supports images (jpg, .jpeg, .png) and text.

How Do I Share To Other Networks?

You can share a public post to your other networks. Select the networks you want to post this particular post to: Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte and GooglePlus. When you finish creating your post and post it to Storia, it'll also go to your other networks.

How Do I Edit, Crop or Filter A Photo?

Storia has photo editing tools. In the mobile apps, cropping and filters are available only when you take a photo in post during create or edit mode. Story covers in both the mobile and web apps are croppable.

How Do I Keep Track Of A Story I Like?

Subscribe to it so you’ll always be able to find it in your Profile in the mobile apps, and on the web app, the stories you subscribe to are behind the gear icon in the header on your Newsfeed page. You’ll see fresh updates to each story in your Newsfeed every time you open Storia.

Who Can See My Stories?

If your story is private, you can select which Storia users can view it or coauthor it. If your story is set to public, everyone on Storia can view it, and share it even more widely via social media.

How Can I See My Friends On Storia?

In the mobile apps, go to Profile settings to find your Facebook friends already in the app. There you can also find or invite friends from your phone contacts. On the web app, you can locate your friends on the Discover page. And you can always find people you know by typing their name in the Storia search bar.

What’s A Coauthored Story?

If you create a story, you can invite anyone on Storia to post into the story just like you do. Anyone can invite you to coauthor or collaborate on stories as well. You can coauthor/collaborate on a story with any user, whether or not you’re following each other.

Why Coauthor or Collaborate?

We find that pooling your contributions with others gives more dimension to a story. Imagine you go on a road trip. Everyone in the car is bound to notice different things, snap different photos, and focus on different tasks such as navigation, food, lodging, and sightseeing. Coauthoring gives you and your friends the ability to capture every angle of your experience.

Why Would I Want To Turn My Story Into A Public Collaboration?

Maybe you've been posting into your own story and wondering if you should invite more people who love that topic to join you. It's a great idea. If your story has a clearly defined topic you’re passionate about, you can host your very own 'channel' here at Storia. Likeminded people arriving at Storia will find you — and they’ll want to connect, subscribe to your related stories and join your established collaboration. And, since all public Storia stories are crawled by Google via our web interface, you’ll be the owner of a channel on your topic in web search results.

How Do I Turn My Story Into A Public Collaboration?

You want to be a channel owner! Adjust your story settings to accepting collaboration requests from everyone. To get the word out even further, you can also share the link to your story in all your social networks.

How Do I Delete/Edit A Comment?

In the mobile apps, swipe from right to left on your own comment to delete it. To edit a comment click on the pencil icon by your post on the web app.

How Can I Report Inappropriate Content, Comments or Behavior?

We take very seriously inappropriate or abusive content and behavior, and do not allow hacking, spamming or harassment in the Storia community. If you believe that someone’s actions violate Storia’s community standards or Terms of Use, you can report the content via info@storia.me. We’ll investigate the issue and take action if we find the content or user is in violation.

Something Isn't Working Like It Should On Storia. Can You Fix It?

We'd like to try! Leave your feedback at info@storia.me and we'll see what we can do.

Want To Hear My Suggestions?

We appreciate your feedback to help us make Storia the best it can be. Please remember that as per our Terms of Service, suggestions you submit to us are non-confidential and non-proprietary (that means you won’t get royalties or special bonuses for giving us advice – but we’ll love you.)