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Pura Vida!

When first came up with the idea of moving out of the country, we decided that we would both research multiple countries and report to each other with what we find.

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I stayed away from Costa Rica at first. Seemed to obvious, and try to avoid the obvious.

Then I read about the book, "Happier Than A Billionaire". This was last week. I'm sold.

I've spent every night since than half reading the book, and half researching Costa Rica. This kind of messed with my "GET UP BY 6AM EVERY MORNING!!" plan. It's worth it though ;)

Currently, my choice location in Costa Rica is Puerto Viejo. It's located on the East coast of Costa Rica, the Caribbean coast. Just south of Limon.

The cover photo on this post is of Puerto Viejo. I stole from here: http://www.anywherecostarica.com/destinations/puerto-viejo-de-limon

While I am almost certain that this is where I will end up in 4.5 years, I would love to hear from you all if you have tips on other places I should look into!

Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart
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She searches for words. The movie I picked,

because I thought she would like it, plays

in the background. She tells me I’m a sweet

kid. Tells me she likes me a lot.

Adds in that she has a boyfriend

as an afterthought, but I don’t think that’s true.

I don’t say anything back. I stare

at my feet, and swallow the stinging

feeling in my throat. “You should get ready

for bed,” she says. I brush my teeth,

put on the stupid pajamas with the jet plane

on them. I don’t come out to say goodnight.

Later I hear the hushed, muffled voices

of my parents in the foyer. I imagine them handing her crisp

five dollar bills, and perhaps she tells them

about how well-behaved I was. Or that I’m a sweet kid

who just got a little mixed up. “It’s okay,”

I hear her say. I wish I could take it all back.

Or better yet, I wish I could tell her

this: That four years may seem like a lot

now - a quarter of her life, a third of mine -

but as the years go on that gap will close

in on us, until it’s nothing at all. I won’t

be a sweet kid forever.

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