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Bad Bitch Music
Bad Bitch Music
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The French Quarter

3. Constant festivity in this 'northernmost city in the Caribbean'

While many thousands fled the flooded city, some never to return, thousands poured in, from other states and countries - many to volunteer in the rebuilding effort, many young. 

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Seduced by the magnetic pull of the so-called "northernmost city in the #Caribbean" - its lacy iron balconies overflowing with #flowers, sultry #tropical beauty, pastel-colored #Creole cottages and shotgun houses, fabulous #food (a perennial in the #JamesBeard awards), #livemusic scene, many remained, contributing their energy and outsiders' perspective. 

New Orleans' #spirit of constant festivity - from its annual #Jazz & Heritage #Festival

New Orleans #Wine & Food Experience (gourmet food festival each May), #FrenchQuarter Festival, Satchmo SummerFest, to, 

of course, #MardiGras – where, during its dog #parade, named the Mystick Krewe of Barkus, I once spied a huge mastiff dressed as a blonde Saints cheerleader, looking none too happy, didn't hurt.

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