Brit and Japanese Pop Collide in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s ‘Crazy Crazy’

When costume-wearing electropop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (pronounced as Carrie Pon Pon, sans Japanese phonetics) announced a collaboration with Brit pop sensation Charli XCX, fans have anticipated a fusion of music and cultures. Sure enough, their song delivered — “Crazy Crazy” is a bouncy, sugary electropop laced with twinkling beats courtesy of Japanese DJ Yasutaka Nakata. There are no Japanese lyrics this time; the song is completely in English, with both girls singing, in a cheerleader-like ma…

Blunt Is the New Sharp: 5 Hairstyles To Welcome Spring

Spring is the season of new life and a new haircut. Sure, you needed your best mane game during winter, but it's time to say goodbye to unnecessary luggage and free your head from all that weight. And while some haircuts make your life difficult (maintaining the shape, curling the ends, keeping it on fleek), there's one haircut that will change your life altogether and teach you to be stylishly reckless: a brave, blunt chop.

Blunt haircuts are in this spring, and scissor-smart girls can easily pu…

Why Snail Mail Still Works in Keeping Relationships

In a time when everyone is connected through texts and video calls, snail mail has become awkward, old and out of place. The art of letter-writing has become passé too, simply because faster, more visually engaging applications took its place. Why write a letter when you can easily post it on Facebook, call through Skype, or chat through WhatsApp? Why wait for the postman to deliver your letter when you can easily send (and receive) it by tweeting your friend from across the globe?

Social media h…

8 Statement Socks To Warm Up Your Winter Wardrobe

We get it. Winter is not the season of unlimited fashion choices. This is when you get stuck in a cocoon of jackets,coats and sweaters to make sure your body can handle the ice-cold draft. You're most likely covered from head to toe, maybe with that thick oxblood bonnet, a pair of Chelsea boots and a camel-colored duffle coat you've already gone tired of using. To make up for the bulky, boring wardrobe, why not try lining your feet with stylish socks for a change?

Keep your toes toasty and terrif…

5 Feminist Anthologies to Inspire Your Woman Warrior

Girl up. The feminist movement is more alive than ever, with women learning to stand up against inequality, violence and workplace discrimination. Some take it to the streets and some use words. If you're looking for something to help you embrace your womanhood and become a better, braver version of you, here are five new feminist anthologies that will serve as inspiration.

“Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World” by Kelly Jansen

Forty four creatives from all walks of life contribute in this tre…

What Is Impostor Syndrome and How Does It Affect Your Career?

In today's fast paced, fake-it-’til-you-make-it world, many young achievers are wading through a sea of self-doubt. Perhaps you've had similar struggles; you start questioning yourself whether you deserve that promotion, whether your work is good enough, or if you could bea good role model for the youth. You may also worry that people will find out you’re living under the guise of perfection.

According to the International Journal of Behavioral Science, 70 percent of people feel that they are …