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With all its ups and downs, this series keeps entertaining us 💎

'Bond 25' might be 2 years out, but the plot’s already been leaked

"Bond 25" is set to release in November of 2019 — and it can't come soon enough.

Yes, it’s still over two years out, but apparently we already have an idea about what the story will be centered around. If you’re worried that this might potentially spoil what could be a surprising plot, I invite you to look away now and read about some of this year’s best and worst movies.

Frankly, there’s no way of knowing if the writers will rework the plot because of the leak, which was reported this week. So, …

We mapped our Storia to Pinterest and you won't believe what it revealed

We're always looking at new ways to show off what Storia has helped us build but we weren't expecting to see this.

We mapped our Storia channels, profiles, communities, folders directly to Pinterest. We knew we've built distinctive and deep bodies of content here on Storia with the help of Storia's special structure.

What did we find out?

A visitor to the memorial pays his respects to lives lost that tragic day 💎

Unparalleled Energy - 9- 11 Memorial

If you ever have the privilege to visit New York, visiting the 9-11 Memorial is an absolute must. Every time I visit the city, I make a point to go pay my respects to the innocent Americans that lost their lives on that tragic day. Upon setting foot on to ground zero, you feel a shift in the worlds energy. It's nearly impossible to fathom what it must have been like to be witness or victim to such a brutal attack and haunting event in our nations history.

The memorial and tribute to the fallen i…

An eye witness shares what it was like to flee & then return home to ground zero 💎

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Saying goodbye to the last-living search dog deployed at the World Trade Center 💎

Saluting Bretagne, the last search dog who responded on 9/11

Get your snotrag ready. We're not the ones saving animals, they're saving us.